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Agriffoli Farmhouse

Located in the Val d' Orcia territory, in the township of San Giovanni d' Asso, the Agriffoli Farmhouse expands on 530 hectares. it's mainly used for growing cereals, but also vineyards, olive trees and the famous white truffle. lt also includes wide fields and woods authorized for wildlife hunting.

it's easily reached from Siena by following the via Cassia to the township of Torrenieri then continuing on the local road towards San Giovanni d' Asso.

After about 5 km., before reaching San Giovanni d' Asso, on the left, there's a signal that indicates the way to reach the Farm. Follow the road for about 1/2 km. lt is a typical dirt road, but it has been kept in excellent condition.

As in the whole Sienese area, the olive oil produced here is definetely high quality.


"Fornaci" organic olive oil

The family that owns the Agriffoli Farm also produces extra virgin oil from organic olives grown on their property in the "Fornaci" Farm.
The oil is certified and distinguished by its very high quality. It's produced in a limited quantity by cold pressing the olives, that have been grown according to organic agricultural principles.
The oil obtained from this area and from these plants has a minimum grade of acidity and offers the smell and taste of the healthy olive, picked at its ripening peak.
A soft, bitter and spicy sensation gives the product more character, without making it lose its complex harmony.

Agriffoli olive oil

The Agricultural Firm Agriffoli produces an extra-virgin oil, with a very low acidity level.
The oil of the Agricultural Firm Agriffoli is born from the cold pressing of the fruits and that is why it can boast prestigious organoleptic characteristics.
Its scent is intense; its taste is sharp, very cool and pleasant. It resembles certain subtletties ot the tender, raw artichoke.
Its spicey aftertaste underlines the lively personality of this product.
Colour: Intense green